Sunday, August 3, 2014

Gone for too long

Today, I finally went back to checking the stuff I usually checked. Eg, the blogs I usually check, the facebook pages and the youtube accounts.

All of a sudden I realized that I have been so busy with school life that I forgot to check all of those stuff. I feel like I'm really outdated.

For example, I never knew Simsvip gives away codes. Because I was too busy with school, everytime I am free, the giveaway post just never shows up.

Second example, I never knew that the Sims 3 Store has been giving away bonus simspoints WORLDWIDE since March this year. I knew that they had this thing where if we viewed the advert, they would give us simpoints that was only open to the people residing in USA. I never knew that they had opened it up to the rest of the world!

And, I missed many many many blog posts from my favourite bloggers.

I missed many videos from my favourite youtubers.

I never realized that so many new mods came out for sims 3.

I never realized that THEY REDUCED THE PRICE FOR SIMS 3 PRODUCTS!!!!!!

GRRRR.... Whenever I look at the prices I just feel like punching myself. Why? Why did I buy the sims 3 games so early?!?! I should've waited.

But then again, I did have a lot of fun playing the Sims 3 before school started last year. I guess it's worth it..

So, the next time Origin has 50% off again, I'm so gonna buy Showtime. I'll buy Into the Future after they've reduced the price.. Probably after Sims 4 is out? Idk..

And I'm gonna keep checking the Sims 3 Store, Simsvip, the youtube accounts and blogs to keep updated.

You know what's the saddest thing? It's that I missed the Sims 3 giveaways...

Blogs and videos can always be read and watched again and again.. But I missed the giveaways..

And the thing about Sims 3 giveaways, is that it's always opened worldwide.. And there's lesser people fighting for it with you.. Compared to the youtube/blog giveaways, where the winner is usually from USA or the giveaway is only opened to USA.. Sigh.

Ok bye.

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