Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Losing my Wisdom Tooth!

Yes, I'm 13 and I have a wisdom tooth. I think I just broke the record of the dentist's patients as one of the youngest people with wisdom tooth. Here's what happened.

*Took pictures and videos but can't post them due to some Ministry of Health rule.

For a few weeks or maybe a month or so, I've been feeling pain on my gum, and I can't really close my mouth properly. I told my parents about it, and they told me that I'm not drinking enough water, etc.. but just a week ago, I realized that one of my tooth is shaking.

I figured it wasn't as simple as 'not drinking enough water' and besides, I felt pain. And then I remembered that there is something called wisdom tooth. I know that 13 is a really young age to have a wisdom tooth, but I also know that I grow up faster than everyone else.

There is such a possibility. So on Monday, 21 November 2011, I went to the dentist for a check-up. The dentist could not find anything, so I asked if it's wisdom tooth. He said that I'll have to take an X-ray which costs around SGD60+!

I took it anyway. I mean like, whatever it is, it's causing me pain, so I obviously have to check what it is.

Dentist: How old are you?
Me: 13
Dentist: Oh.. Frankly speaking, 13 is a really young age for a wisdom tooth to appear. It normally appears when you're around 17+++. But there is a possibility that you have a wisdom tooth. The other day I had someone who's 15 years old and have a wisdom tooth.
Me: Wah seh, if I really have wisdom tooth then I must be his youngest patient. Oh.
Dentist: So, before the X-ray, I need to ask you a question, it's my responsibility to ask you. Are you pregnant?
Me: NO!!!
Dentist: Oh, okay. I had to ask you to play safe. The other day I had this 14 year old patient who told me that she's pregnant!
Me: Oh. Ha ha.
Dentist: HAHAHAHA!! Ok, come with me to the X-ray room.
Me: Ok.


Now, if any teenager tell him that they have a wisdom tooth, he would tell them about me instead of that 15 year old person. HAHAHAH. Okay, I didn't manage to take a photo of the X-ray, so I'll draw it out.

Basically my wisdom tooth is pressing my molar from underneath that's why I feel pain, and it's like that on both sides.. so, I needed to have it removed. I had piano lesson that day, so my dad asked me to go for the surgery on Tuesday instead.

So, on 22 November 2011, 10.05, I went in and got the injection that's supposed to make me feel nothing. He injected 3 on my left and 2 on my right. Funny thing was, my right side was completely numb whereas there was no difference on my left.



Tears were running down my cheeks and when he was plucking my left side, I wanted so much to tell him that there was no numbness there, that the injection miraculously didn't work.

But he had already started opening my gums to extract the wisdom tooth, I figured that he couldn't just leave it open while he inject another one. At that point of time, i regretted so much for not telling him earlier.

I was crying and screaming silently to myself, "God! Please! Make it stop! Please! God!!!" i guess it would have been even more painful if I didn't scream for God. Thank God i'm Christian! Heheheh.

And yes, they did cover my eyes but I could HEAR it. The drilling sound that my dad actually recorded -.- if anyone can find a web that can let me upload MUSIC ONLY let me know so that I can upload the recording.

After the whole thing, I felt like the bravest girl in the whole world and I'm so proud of myself. I managed to go through it without giving up. I managed to bear with the pain without giving up.

Losing my wisdom tooth was quite an experience for me. I never want to do it again. That's why I praying so hard that I won't have any problems with my top two wisdom tooth. Cause I'm only taking out the bottom two wisdom tooth.

If I have to take the top two wisdom tooth out, I would make sure I feel nothing at all. I don't want to go through the pain again. BAD EXPERIENCE!!!

I currently can't really smile or open my mouth. I have to use this spoon:

Compared to a tablespoon and a teaspoon

And I have to cut the food into small pieces, around the size of 7 peas together. I'll be going to Malacca tomorrow and I'm bringing this:

My eating assistant

and my medicine:



Mouth-wash (like a disinfectant)

Very strong pain-killer.

Something to prepare my stomach for the pain-killer.

So, you must be wondering why I don't want to just go for the surgery AFTER my Malacca Trip. That's because I don't want to spend a week thinking about how painful it would be, freaking out and in the end, backing out. (Exaggerating here, I obviously won't back out)

But still, I'm the type of person that just wants to do it immediately. I don't want to spend a week thinking about it. Just do it now, the end, it's over. I won't have to think about it.

I'll be taking the stiches out on this coming Tuesday, 29 November. And my face is getting a little swollen already. Praying so hard lor. And it doesn't really hurt anymore, so I can stop the painkiller.

I feel like a total baby. I have to eat with teaspoon, cut the food into smaller pieces. After the surgery while waiting for the bus, I even drooled cause I couldn't control it. BUT I DIDN'T DROOL ANYMORE ALREADY K.

Oh yeah, my dad saw me crying after the surgery and he was like, "来来看这边, 让我拍一下照片" (Translation: Come, look here, let me take a picture) -.-

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Liese Bubble Dye



You guys probably know that, right? I'll start with this video that will show you guys the steps I took to dye my hair using Liese Bubble Dye.

Here's the box..

Here I'm using Black Brown Tea as I want a really dark brown that looks like black. What I wanted to do was to cover my white hairs, but I didn't want people to notice the fact that I dyed my hair. I didn't want it to be really obvious, that's why I choose this color.

Here's what's in the box:

So I put on the gloves (found in the box) to prevent my hands from turning brown, wore a shirt that I didn't want anymore and covered the floor with newspaper. Advisable for you to do it in the OPEN AIR as there's a really strong smell which would probably be stronger if you did it in the toilet or something.

Step one: Pour Solution 2 into Solution 1.

Actually I think the Solution 2 is the color. Hahah. Sorry if you already knew. Stupid me. LOL. I was quite scared that I'll spill it so when mom asked me to look up, at the camera, I kind of like, ignored her.

Step two: Gently invert the container about 180 degrees around 5 times.

I tilted it for 5 times, but it wasn't well mixed. Then I saw the instruction sheet that said to tilt 180 degrees and I was like -.-

Step three: Remove the white lid and replace it with the foamer cap.

So, after this, I just tried applying it onto my hair but mom was like, "NOT LIKE THIS!!! You have to -blah blah blah- and then -blah blah blah- or else your hair would -blah blah blah-. No, Kai Xin. NOT LIKE THIS!! Aiyo!

Yeah, so, in the end, my mom did it for me. Anyway, I left it on for 30 minutes. Hahaha. I'm so kiasu. Put longer better then shorter. So, after 30 minutes.. All the foam's gone.

After this, just rinse it off by shampooing and conditioning normally. Btw, be careful when rinsing it off. Or your whole toilet will be stained with hair dye. LOL. My mom warned be like so many times before I went to wash it off.

Then put on the hair lotion..

Both taken indoors.

So here's the before and after. I'm so happy with the result! Looks brown, but not obvious. I say that 'cause my hair's naturally brown. BUT I LOVE IT!!!

And I told you guys that I took a picture at Farmart while prawning after i dyed my hair, right? Here:

Look at my hair!!

That's how it looks like under the sun. This product is really really good.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I'm pissed.

I'm super pissed right now and I have been this way for a few days. Screaming in frustration is normal to me now. I honestly don't know what's wrong with me, but I think that a list of things that made me quite unhappy has been happening in my life.

Ok, bye.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Contact Lense

Hi people :) it's been two days since I last blogged. Okay, never mind. I'm gonna talking about my contact lenses :)

Okay, my contact lenses. In case you guys don't know, I wear contacts. AND I DON'T BUY THEM ON THE NET.. My eyes are like super important to me and in case you don't know, lenses that are sold on the net are NOT checked by the Ministry of Health or whatever. So, I only buy from those optical stores AND I BUY THOSE BRANDS THAT ARE MORE POPULAR to prevent any thing from happening to my eyes.

My eyes are too precious to be used like some kind of guinea pig. So anyway, here's how my eyes look like with the contact lense on:

See that blue outline thingy around my eyes? That's the contact lense and the contact lenses are NOT white/transparent! And yeah, I know my eyes have that red red thing. I have insomnia and can't sleep well. Yeah, you get the idea, don't you? Sleeping only 2 hours a day sucks. So anyway, I'm using this brand:

Acuvue Oasys

It lasts for like 2 weeks, 'cause Acuvue has no monthly lenses - which is kinda of suckish 'cause it's like more expensive. But still, eyes comes before the money. I'll rather spend more money on a good contact lense k. I'm not gonna spoil my eyes. It's too precious to me.

The only way to save your money is to buy more at once. So it's like, mini-'bulk' purchase. kinda thing. And the degree's at the side.

D = Degree
The timer thing, I don't know what it's called la = Expiry Date
BC = (I don't know la, I'll ask the person next time.)
DIA = Diameter!

And yeah, for my left eye, it's -2.75 whereas my right eye is like -3.00 . My actual degree is actually -3.00 (L) and -3.25 (R) but I thought it was too dizzy so are requested for a slightly lower degree. So, I started out with daily lenses. Something that looks like this:

But this is CIBA VISON la, not Acuvue. I used Acuvue. Ok, this belongs to my aunt and not me. But I bought CIBA VISION once and it HURTS. Maybe because the curve is too sharp for me. I think I'm too used to Acuvue or what. But honestly, it hurts.

At first, I thought it was turned inside out, that's why it's so sharp. So I turned it back and it's even sharper! That's when I knew that the contact lense isn't suitable for me. And it's -3.00 for both eyes. So anyway, I still think Acuvue is better for me.

And I'm like using this solution that I bought together with the CIBA VISION lenses, which is like a super big bottle so I've not finished yet. I've finished the small bottle, which was the sample, around a few months ago. So this is like my first bottle.

And I'm still using it!! But I hate it when I travel overseas and I actually have to bring the whole bottle :( I shouldn't have used the small bottle first. I should've left it for travel use right?!?!

So this free contact lense casing comes with the SOLUTION and not the LENSE which is quite idiotic. But who cares la, I have the contact lense casing in the end. Who gives a damn why I got it.

So basically, you have to like fill it up with solution and change it everyday before you take it out for hygiene purposes. And it's about this level:

See that like and 'arrow' down there? Yeah. That's about it. Ok, I think my contact lenses are about to drop. It's too try, I guess. And now, with everry blink I make, it's turning blur-y. I've been wearing it since 6am in the morning. So I guess this is it. I'm gonna take my contact lense out now.

1. When you take your contact lense out or put it in, never, never, NEVER use the same hands to widen it. You have to use like, your right hand at the top and left and the bottom. Unless you're already an expert (Like me, hehehehe) don't use the same hands as you would probably close your eyes.

2. When you place your contact lense back into the casing, pour the solution BEFORE you put it in. And DO NOT put it into the used solution and then take it out and pour a new one and put it back in PLEASE. And remember to check if it's folded 'cause it might have the oval shape the next time you use it and it's quite painfully when you put it in (pokes your eyes).