Tuesday, January 13, 2015

O level results - Veterinary Bioscience?

O level results are out! Not the best result, but enough for me to get into the course that I want - Veterinary Bioscience.

I don't know if I'm the only one, but I'm getting so nervous just thinking about being in a new enviroment and and making new friends again. Not a lot of people understand it when I say it's difficult for me to make friends.

Why? Because I'm so awkward! I never know the right things to say or do! My english is not good, I can't express myself properly and all that.

Honestly, being in a new environment has to be the most stressful thing to me. Actually orientation camps probably are. Why? Because there's the ice breaker games and all that. I've never been a super active person, or a super enthu person.

Games are a dread to me. Being alone + having to play games = nightmare + nervous me + anti social me

At first, I thought my friend was going to Veterinary Bioscience at Ngee Ann too. But she's having second thoughts and now the butterflies in my stomach are making me puke from nervousness.

I'm praying that she'll change her mind. But at the same time I know I shouldn't influence her decision. It'll be a lot better if she makes her own decision. She'll be happy with it and that's what matters most because it's her life.

So poor me i guess. I've been looking around on Ngee Ann's website and their facebook page. It seems they don't have any groups or forums for people who are interested in Veterinary Bioscience to join and get to know their future classmates.

Sigh. I feel like PSLE all over again. But even then I wasn't that scared. At that point of time all I wanted was to be away from everyone, but I couldn't. Now, I want to be with everyone, but I can't.

Maybe some people think this is stupid, and that I'm worrying about stupid things. And maybe in a few years - or maybe months - times I would look back at this post and wonder, what's so scary about it?

But I can't help but to feel like this. :(

I can only pray that some miracle happens and someone I know (or I miraculously find someone online) is going to Ngee Ann and joining their Veterinary Bioscience course.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Roti Prata with Yoghurt and Fruits

So today I decided to be a little more adventurous and do something weird.

I decided have roti prata with yoghurt and fruits!

I don't know how to make roti prata from scratch though, so I decided to just get the instant ones you find in NTUC.

I love red plums, and I ran out of green apple so I just stuck with one fruit :D

Chop it into pieces ~

I know, I know, there's no logic behind the way I cut things, I just keep chopping until all of them are bite-sized pieces.

Preparation done!! Now time to spread everything on my prata!

I think I put too much plums, but whatever :D I love plums anyways.

I LOVE IT!! I doesn't taste as plain as crepes do with yoghurt and fruits. The prata gives the dish a localised flavour, but it's not strong enough to cover the taste of the fruits :D

I'm so gonna do this more often.

Prata - 219 (per slice)
Yoghurt - less than 10 (I only used a tablespoon)
Plum - 30 per plum (I used 2, so it's 60)

Total: 219 + 10 + 60 = 289 kcal

That's quite ok for a meal I guess :D

A New Start

Hey all! (If anyone is still reading hahaha, my blog is so dead)

I've deleted my previous posts, (kept some) and decided that I want to start a new.

Over the years I've grown up and changed a lot. I've learnt to be more grateful for what I have, and to be less mean to others. I've learnt to be more patient and less childish.

I'm still pretty stubborn though hahahaha but whatever. :D It's 1:51am right now and I'm starving (i don't know why!).

Anyway, I'm still debating if I should leave my room and grab something to eat or just sleep it off.

Soooo.. I've exported my old posts to another blog of mine (which has all of my old posts). I will starting doing reviews on this blog and be a lot more hardworking, hehehe.

Thank you for supporting my after all these years.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Annoying Volunteer from some dog shelter

Ok, so I wanted to get dog. And I decided to adopt cause I thought it's the right thing to do since so many dogs are looking for a home and they don't have one.

So I contacted this person that posted an ad on gumtree about 10 weeks old rescue puppies and I just texted her and asked if they are still available. She called me back.

Can I just say that I don't really want to adopt anymore?

She asked me how old I was and I told her that I am 16 and my sister (who is the one who wants the dog) is 14. The moment she heard that, she said, "Are you sure you are ready for a dog. It's a lifetime commitment! And I want to make sure that the dogs go to good homes because I don't want them to be returned to me a few months later because you got bored of it. It's not fair for the dog. It costs a lot of money. Are you sure you are ready? I mean, being 14 and 16 I don't think you are prepared. A visit to the vet can cost a lot and the upkeep costs....blah blah blah"

So she just went on and on about how people are cruel for abusing dogs and how I'm not prepared to have a dog just because I'm 16


Just because I'm 16 doesn't mean I'm immature and irresponsible! Yes I get that you meet a lot of irresponsible adopters who don't want the dog a few months later because they're bored of it and they are usually young but THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT I'M LIKE THAT.

I have been taught very well by parents to be a responsible person thank you very much.

And because my parents also taught me that I should be polite and respectful of 'elders' (meaning people who in a way hold a higher position than you. In this case, it's adult Vs teenager) hence I did not say anything but listened to her ramble on and on. I shall not disclose who this lady is either because unlike people who judge, I'm not like that.

There's this chinese idiom: 一根竹竿打翻一船人 which is (when directly translated) to use a bamboo stick to 'hit' the all the people on the same boat. Eg. Thinking all teenagers are immature even though you only encountered like one immature teenager your entire life.

Sigh. This is my first time trying to adopt and I get this. Hopefully not all the volunteers are like that.