Thursday, February 6, 2014


Today, I realized something very important. Actually, no. I realized this a long time ago. I just never realized how important this was.

I'm someone very direct. When I dislike you, I won't help you. Yes, if you asked me a question, I will answer you. That's just me being polite. But if you asked me to help you, I won't - because I don't want to give you the wrong message that I'm okay with you when I'm not. To me, that's the difference between being POLITE and FAKE.

But what I don't understand about is those people who don't like you, but still act like they're your best friend. I can never understand. I know, some people are just really nice. They don't know how to let someone else know that they don't like them. Understood. For those people, I don't blame them for being more polite to the person they don't like.

What I don't understand about is those people who don't like you, and are supposedly too 'nice' to let you know that he/she doesn't like you, but still initiate a random conversation with you, or ask you if you would like to hang out, go home together, have recesses/lunch break together etc. And during the recess/lunch break/bus ride home etc, they will talk to you like they're your best friend.

I mean, if you don't like someone, and supposedly want to let the person know that you don't like them, but you're too 'nice' to say it, would you still initiate an opportunity to be around that person? Or would you try to avoid the person as much as possible?

I think you understand what I'm getting at.

Those people, aren't 'too nice', neither are they being polite.

They're FAKE.

And there's also those type of people who never admits that they're wrong. Or those who knows that they are wrong, but still try to make it seem as if they're right. Or those who apologize immediately for everything they do because they didn't mean it. Or worse, those who don't even think that they're wrong.

Here's a scenario:
Someone posted something about you online. They mentioned many untrue things about you on facebook for everyone to see. You also know that that person doesn't lock her account, so EVERYONE can see what she wrote. And that person, just happened to joke around with you yesterday. When you saw the post, you did not confront her, hoping that she would stop. But she didn't. Instead, she even mentioned your full name and identity (eg, their class monitress, cca chairman etc). So you told a mutual friend about it, not knowing what to do. That mutual friend spoke to the person abt the issue and asked her to apologize.

Here's what the three types of people would do.

Those who refuse to admit that they're wrong: They won't apologize. But will eventually give you an insincere apology only because they don't want you to report the incident to your teacher.

Those who knows that they're wrong, but try to make it seem as if they're not: They'll act like everything's fine. They won't apologize, and continue to talk to you like the incident never happened. And just when you think you can forget about it and forgive her, she tells the teacher that you did something to her, hence why she posted such nasty stuff about you.

Those who apologize immediately for everything they do because they didn't mean it: Simple. She apologizes again and again, you accept her apology, and tada! You're best friends again.

Those who don't even think that they're wrong: They won't apologize. Instead, they confront you, calling you nasty names to your face, and criticize you for many things. They keep insisting that you are wrong, and won't even care if the matter is brought up to someone with a higher authority. In fact, they want the matter to be brought up to someone with a higher authority, so that they can 'prove their innocence'.

See the difference? So who's the worst?

I say, the ones who are FAKE, and apologize immediately for everything because they 'don't mean it'. Why? Because they'll always be your friend. They'll always be there, backstabbing you, gossiping about you, telling everyone your not-so-secret-anymore secrets. But you'll never know, because you think they're your best friend.

But truth is, they're scarier than your mentally sick enemy who wants to kill you.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

New banner

Yay! I finally decided to revive my dead blog by changing the banner.

I've decided that my blog shouldn't have that many pictures of my. (At least not those that you have to see in all posts/pages.)

I was going to make the background white with a blue rose in the middle, but I decided to keep the light blue background. And of course I can't have a blue rose on a light blue background! So I settled on a daisy instead since I love daisies anyway. Hehehe.

So I spent a few hours on photoshop and ta-da!! A daisy on a light blue background. The banner is no longer as long as before. I decided to make it look more like a BANNER that a picture.

Anyway, I don't know if I'm still going to continue blogging. I have been so busy that I don't even tweet anymore. Hopefully I will be able to manage my time better.

Ok, bye!