Friday, August 29, 2014

Creating Taylor Swift on Sims

I'm so happy! I just created Taylor Swift on the Sims 3, although I don't think it looks like her, I still feel happy because it's a big step for me - considering that I've never ever created sims to look like anyone in real life.

Soooo.. I have no pictures because I recorded the entire process of me creating it on the Sims 3, and I kept pausing because I had to google for images of her and etc. I'm so excited!!!

Should I post it on the Sims 3 Exchange?

But other people there have such nice sims and such awesome skills. I can't compare :(

Make sims or build houses.

Or create worlds?

Or learn to code?

I love coding, I do. But I'm just too lazy hahahah, especially because I'm so busy nowadays with studies and exams..

Sad life.

I've uploaded Taylor Swift inspired sim here.

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