Hello! I'm Kai Xin. :D

I am a Singaporean Chinese, born on 28 January 1998.
I am the eldest child in my family and I have a younger sister named Kai Lin.

I have been blogging since I was 9 years old.
It has always been a habit for me to pen down/type out the memories.

I am being blessed with a wonderful and caring family.
Most of my close friends are those who I can have heart to heart talks with.
They are also people who I know I can count on.

I love animals.
Cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs etc.
(Mainly pets)

I currently have one dog and 6 hamsters.
My dog's name is BB. She's a female.
Chihuahua x Pomeranian.

I love wolves, foxes and red pandas.
Which is why I love huskies, even though I'm not really a dog person.
I secretly wish I can have them as a pet, haha.

I like people who are sincere and honest.
I don't like being lied to.
I don't like it when people are insincere.
I hate it when I realize that some people are not who they pretend to be.

I love music.
I play the piano.
I hope I can learn to play the violin one day.

I love chocolates.
I used to love VanHouten's milk chocolate but now they're not as good as they used to be :(
But it's ok, I've found Hershey's Cookies n Cream Kisses and 365's milk chocolate :D

I enjoy playing the Sims
I started playing Sims 2 in 2008/2009 on my PSP (The Sims 2 Pets).
One day I saw the expansion pack for Sims 2, Open for Business, in a video game shop.
That was the day I started loving Sims.
I play the Sims 3 now, and I'm super excited for Sims 4!

I love to garden
I started when I was a kid, but then I got lazy :X
(June 2014)
I recently got back into it..
I have successfully grown a tomato and cucumber plant!
Okay, not a plant. A seedling..
But it's an improvement from nothing!

As stupid as this sounds..
I believe in love at first sight.
And I'm a huge believer in 'The One'.

In a Christian way, of course.
I trust that when I meet the one that's right for me, God will let me know..
I strongly believe in the 3 steps rule to a relationship: Pray to God, Ask Dad for his blessing and everything will work out! :)

I dye my hair regularly because I get white hairs naturally.
I use Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Cashew Nut.
(It is similar to my natural hair color.)
Complete review @ here

I do not have any hair extensions and I do not straighten or curl my hair regularly.
It is naturally thick and straight.
And heavy (sigh)

Contact Lenses:
I used to wear Acuvue Oasys daily and colored contacts by Maxim during the holidays.
Now I wear the monthly lenses from Ciba Vision.
My degree is 4.00 (Left) and 4.25 (Right).

Okay, that's all :) bye!