Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nightmare Service

I opened an online banking account with Maybank on tuesday. I thought everything was going well, and I went home happily with my new debit card. But then something horrible happened. I thought it was just a small issue that can be solved easily. But no! It took two days and many calls to solve this issue. Guess what happened?

They didn't record my mobile number down.

And because of this, I wasn't able to access my online banking! I could activate it but I can't access it because I don't have the security token, neither was I able to receive the SMS OTP. Then I called their customer service to ask them to record my mobile number down and use SMS as my 2FA.

First call: I don't know her name. But it was a female who picked up. Not super helpful, but still alright. Acceptable service. She helped me request for a security token and did not help me set SMS as my 2FA. Confused me a lot.

Second call: Very good service. Her name's May, I believe. It might not be spelled that way, but it's pronounced that way. She helped me by leading me to the eServices form, and told me what to do.

So I filled up the eServices form, and I put it in an envelope, and everything. I was about to leave the house to send it out when my mother received a call from the person that helped us open the account. Nicole. She asked us to go down to the branch to settle everything.

So we did, on wednesday. We went there, gave out mobile number, asked her to set my mode of 2FA as SMS, and we left, thinking everything was done.

I went home, I tried to login, but I can't. It gave me the message:

Dear Customer

You have not activated your New Security Token. Please click here to activate it now.

Click here to know more about the New Security Token.

So I thought, maybe she have not sent my form in yet, maybe I need to wait 1 more day.

So on thursday, my mother asked me about my online banking and told me to try signing in. And I did. It gave me the same message again. So I called their customer service line.

Third call: Horrible! Her name is Vicky/Vivi (something like that). She wasn't very clear. She talked really fast, didn't listen to me and just went on and on. She didn't even bother listening to my full story and just assumed what I wanted. So I never got a chance to explain myself. I told her I wanted to use SMS as my 2FA, know what she told me? She said that I've already activated my account, so the SMS OTP is of no use to me. Like what? You mean I don't have to sign in anymore? She said I can only use the security token to sign in, not SMS. The SMS OTP is only used to help me activate my account.

After the call ended, I went online to search, to understand more about this SMS OTP and whether Maybank's one works the same way as DBS/POSB's. And it does! This is what it says on the website:

  1. If I have selected SMS as my mode of 2FA, when can I start using it?

    Upon registration, you will receive an SMS sent to your registered mobile phone number as a confirmation. Thereafter, you may login to any time and the One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent via SMS automatically for login.
    For sensitive online transactions like 3rd party Funds Transfer, the OTP will be sent via SMS upon request.
  2. How does the 2FA SMS work?

    Every time you login to as well as when you perform certain sensitive online transactions, you will receive an OTP sent via SMS to your registered mobile phone number automatically or as requested.
    The login process for 2FA SMS users is as follows:
    • Enter your Username and Password
    • You will be prompted to enter an OTP to complete the login process. Simply wait for the OTP to be sent via SMS to your registered mobile phone number. Once you receive it, enter the OTP and click "Confirm" to proceed.

So, doesn't that mean that I need the SMS 2FA to login EVERYTIME? I really don't understand why that lady on the line said that to me.

So I called again.

Fourth call: His name is Dillion/Dylan (don't know how to spell, but pronounced that way). He was really nice. He listened to me explain the whole story, and told me that he can help me reset my account, so that I can just use 'First Time Login' all over again. He explained the whole process to me, gave me correct instructions. He told me that I just need to login 30 minutes later and it should be fine.


I don't really think it was his fault, I think he just forgot to set my mode of 2FA as SMS? Because when he was explaining the process to me, he did mention that I was supposed to receive the 8 digit code to login via SMS. But I didn't.

So I called again.

Fifth call: This lady's name is Jonalyn. (definitely spelled this way, because my mother asked her for the spelling) She was really nice. When I called in, I asked for Dillion/Dylan. But he was out for lunch. So this poor lady had to help to fix the problem that the previous staff caused. She was really nice, she listened to my whole story and told me that she would call Choa Chu Kang Branch to ask if they have already sent in the form to set my mode of 2FA as SMS etc etc. And that she would call me back as soon as possible once she found out what is going on. And she did call me back around dinner time.

My father was around when I picked up her call and he asked me turn on loud speaker. He heard the whole conversation and told Jonalyn to get everything done by Monday so that I can use online banking as soon as possible.

I don't know if it will be solved soon. I hope so, otherwise I might just cancel the account because honestly? The interest rate isn't as attractive as it was anymore, now that I've been exposed to their nightmare service. 

Sigh. I never knew opening an online banking account can be so difficult. It wasn't that difficult with POSB, I just applied for online banking by filling up the form online and just sent it in (it was an eform, I didn't even have to print it out or send it via post). Then the token was delivered within 2-3 days.

Why can't Maybank provide that kind of service too? There's a chinese saying, 一分钱,一分货. I guess it is true. If I want them to give me a higher interest, I have to accept their horrible nightmare service. If I want good service, I need to compromise by accepting lower interest rates.

I think I prefer good service, because that would mean that everything would be more efficient. Who knows, it might take 10,000 years just to transfer $5 to another account using my Maybank account.

I know, I know, I am exaggerating. I just want to show how ridiculous everything is. Anyway, I will update when the issue is solved or if I decided to close my account.

P.S. I refuse to pay the penalty fee if I want to close my account. They have no right to ask for a penalty fee if they can't even provide good basic service. Hmph.

The lady, Jonalyn, has helped me settle this issue.. Thank God! I received the token that was sent to me via registered mail today (27 June) and also received an SMS from Maybank telling me that I am now able to login to the online banking using SMS. Yeah! I have also tried login in and it works!


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