Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sims 3 (Did not get my bonus simpoints)

I have decided that every time I encounter a problem with EA/Origin/anything related to Sims, and finally found a solution to it, I will post it on my blog so that I can help others too.

I should probably create a new blog that's call the Sims or something but I'm too lazy! Hehehe.

So, anyway, I had a problem trying to get the bonus simpoints that you're supposed to get if you buy the base game and/or World Adventures - 1000 simpoints EACH.

And I never knew about it. Sigh... My cousin gifted me with the Sims 3 base game and I had registered it with Origin. And World Adventures was bought via Origin. I didn't get the chance to register it on the Sims 3 Store, so I couldn't get the 1000 simpoints. The button to redeem the points was not there.

Soooo... If you bought the Sims 3 base game and/or World Adventures via Origin, or redeemed the game via Origin, read on.

The solution is easy - contact the EA stuff. For some reason I couldn't find the solution to this online, maybe I missed it or something. I don't know.

1. Anyway, just go to this website:

2. Look for the product that you are enquiring for - Sims 3 base game or World Adventures (if you have both just click on anyone of them) and click "Next".

3. Select your platform. Click "Next".

4. Select a topic. (I chose "Codes") and briefly describe your situation. (Eg. I bought the Sims 3/World Adventures but did not receive the bonus simpoints). Click "Next".

5. You'll see different methods of contacting the advisor. "Live Chat", "Call Me Now" and "Email". I personally chose "Live Chat" cause it's a lot easier, but pick whichever suits you. Click "Chat Now" and wait.

6. Once you're connected to an advisor, tell him/her your problem. They should be able to add 1000 simpoints to your account directly once they've checked your account etc.

They'll ask you for your answer to the security question, so please check for the answer before hand or change it if you forgot!

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