Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Horrible Holiday

It's the June Holidays, and i'm very upset. Dad forced me to go for a church camp. I hate camps. I hate all those stupid games they play during camps. It's such a waste of time. I hate wasting time and I cannot emphasize that enough.

It's only the third day of this horrible holiday and how i wished it never started. Been trying to motivate myself to study but i'm guess i'm just plain lazy. I know, it's streaming year, i gotta work hard. Whatever.

It's just that i've been working so hard but results are still horrible. Been praying to God (sort of scolding and complaining though) and asking why He's not helping me, not giving me wisdom.


Sigh. I have so many things that i want to do this holidays. But time seems to be passing so quickly. Too quickly. Somebody just kill me. I'm so confused with my life that i just want to die.

And time is running out. Just 4/5 more years before i get into a university. Where do i get so much money in such a short period of time?? And right after i graduate my sister would be going in. I'll need another sum of money. And what about my parents' retirement cost?!

Retirement age in singapore is now 62 but i'm obviously not gonna let my parents work at that age. I'll make them stop when they're 55. Which is in 8 years time. When i graduate from university. Where to get money for my sister?

My parents used to tell me to marry a rich person's son and i used to ignore them. Now i think i should start doing something about it. Hey, come on, i'm not evil or anything. Besides, i'm a christian. I won't cheat someone's feelings for money!

I'm too confused with my life and i'm too scared for myself.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Change to tumblr?

I love blogger like crazy, but I was just switching my tumblr theme the other day when I realized that tumblr actually has A LOT of themes for you to choose from. And they're not like blogger where it's very standard and plain but they're actually quite nice and unique.

So, I was thinking, maybe I should change to tumblr? I mean, blogger has been with me for 5 years, and I love it, I'm familiar with editing the javascript here. But blogger is quite.. standard. It doesn't have many themes to choose from especially since I'm lazy to edit the html.

But on the other hand, on tumblr, you can't have a super long entry with pictures. That sucks. So, maybe wordpress?? I know it's good, but I heard it's just like blogger too.. Very standard, not many choices to choose from. Hmmmmm..


And if I choose tumblr, I can update super frequently. Like when I post stuff on instagram, it'll auto post to tumblr. And if I just want to post a quote, I can do that too. It's like twitter, except there's no word limit. It's so easy to access and update!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Garnier Nutrisse Cream Cashew Nut

Yep, it's time to dye my hair again! White hairs, when will you stop growing :( Decided to try Garnier Nutrisse Cream this time. This is the official how-to video:

But this video was made like, last year. And in Singapore, most Garnier's hair products don't get imported here. So well, I got the new one (claimed on the box) without the fruit seed oil concentrate.

Quite disappointed 'cause I was looking forward to squeezing it. Lol. Guess it just looked special, that's why. Anyway, this is how the box looks like:

The box

Bought it from Watsons at SGD13.90 and Cashew Nut (55) was the darkest color, excluding Soft Black, among all the others. Decided to go with the darkest brown.

I obviously didn't want soft black since my hair color is actually a mixed of black, dark brown, brown, light brown, some golden hair and some even blonde, some light yellow -.- (proudly inherited from I have no idea where) and of course, the newest not welcomed addition, white.

That's why I always have trouble trying to choose the 'perfect' hair color for me. Ok let me side track a little. I want to tell you guys how I found out that I have blonde, light yellow and golden hair.

I knew I had golden hair since I was young. My mom saw it while combing my hair when I was little. As for blonde and light yellow, well.. When I was around 10 years old, my classmate saw it and told me that I had white hair.

She decided to pluck it out 'cause I refused to believe her. So she plucked 4-5 strands of blonde and light yellow hair. Then she sort of threw it on my worksheet, which is WHITE. I looked at my 'white' hair and scolded her 'cause it wasn't white. Lol.

That's when I found out that I might be half angmoh or something. Which is impossible. Unless I'm adopted. Which is stupid.

Ok, ANYWAY, most of my hair is brown so I decided to go with dark brown since it would be easier to dye and less obvious 'cause Singaporean teachers are unreasonable. To play safe, I ALWAYS choose the darkest brown.

Things in the box.

I was looking desperate in the box for the fruit seed oil concentrate and after reading the instructions I realized that there won't be one. Sad life.


Came in 4-5 different languages. Not that I actually understand them.


I was quite happy with this! They actually improved the packaging of the conditioner but they changed it too, it's no longer a leave-on conditioner. You have to rinse it off :( there's actually 40ml of the after color conditioner which is PERFECT for people like me with thick hair.

The container is also made of good quality plastic so I washed it afterwards so that I can use it to store lotions/shampoo/conditioner for travel.


If it's too small for you to see.. It says, "SMART AND PRACTICAL to avoid damage from the product in your bathroom, use the box to insert the applicator bottle during application." Saw this on the instruction sheet and didn't understand the english. Then I looked at the box...

Ok now I understand.

You have to poke it with the back of the cap.

Squeeze it into (A)

Shake it and afterwards, cut off the tip. In the instructions, they said that you can actually twist it off with your hands but it was so hard and firm and most of all, SMALL so I just cut it off with a sissors. Apply immediately and leave it on for 25 minutes.

To help you remember..

If you're planning on using this hair dye again and you're super forgetful you can just cut this out and keep it in your wallet or something.

This is what they claimed.

Doesn't drip.
It's a liquid, but not THAT liquidy, doesn't drip at all.
Smell great.
It does smell nicer than normal hair dyes. Smells like.. fruits. It still has the hair dye smell though, but what can you say about it? Hair dyes obviously smells like hair dye. At least it's better than normal hair dyes.
Awesome conditioner
My hair is soo smooth after putting it on. It smells great too.
Really nourishing
Even after rinsing the dye away, before shampooing, it's also very smooth. It DOES nourish while coloring.
Alot of product.
I have super thick hair that is bust-length. Slightly longer, until the end of my bust. I only used 1 box and there were still leftovers but I just spread it all over my hair anyway.

Dries out my hair
After my hair dries, I realize that it's quite dry. The conditioner and hair dye does leave my hair smooth, but it's dry. Does that make sense? I think it's temporary, happens after I dye my hair all the time. Blame the dye.
Very sticky.
The dye is very sticky, and it's quite hard to spread.
Does not dye as well as Revlon.

Among the other hair dyes that I've tried (Liese, Palty, Revlon) I think this is pretty good. If I were to rank them, Palty would obviously be at the bottom. I think it'll be a tie between Garnier and Revlon, though.

Revlon dyes very well, but it dries up my hair and makes it very frizzy. The leave on conditioner doesn't really help whereas Garnier doesn't dye as well as Revlon but it really nourishes my hair and does not leave it as dry as the others.

Liese would be in between Palty and Revlon & Garnier. It's great, but the foam drips. And it's also quite messy.

I've read some reviews online that Garnier actually fades. Will update this post if it actually does.