Monday, June 16, 2014

Bell Pepper, Tomato and Cucumber Plants & Garden updates!

My side of the garden

Hello! I'm back here with an update on my garden! As you can see from the picture above, that's my side of the garden at my dad's office..

I went to my dad's office today to plant two different types of cucumbers and two types of bell peppers - yellow and red/green.. I also moved the tomatoes into the white tray.. It fit about 16 seedlings.. Hopefully I don't have to shift them anymore. But I read up some where that I'm supposed to leave at least 1.5ft between each one, oops!

The tomato seedlings in a tray.

Tomato Seedlings

I even moved one of the seedlings over to this beautiful pot that I bought from daiso.. It's cheap, but it has a very clean and modern look.. As you can see in the picture below, I added some compost..

Solo tomato seedling with compost around it

I planted some bell peppers in some recycled bottles and  containers..

Bell Peppers Day 1!

I told my dad to help me label while I was gardening cause his hands are clean.. I told him, "Label the bell peppers one as BP". And I only realised afterwards that he misheard me.. Haha look what he wrote!

Here are the other cucumbers that I planted...

Cucumber (short)

Long Cucumber

Remember that cucumber plant from weeks ago? We moved it to a bigger pot and it has been growing really well! I'm really excited.. Although I'm really sad cause I just found out that cucumbers are pollinated by bees and I really hate bees...

Cucumber Plant
It's really interesting how the leaves have different shapes.. And the crumpled leave actually developed before the butterfly-like leave, but it didn't open.. Weird..

My roses bloomed too! Look:

Sorry I was too lazy to crop/edit any of the photos :(

That's all for today!

Anddddd... I updated my nail tumblr a few days ago and tried to take some pictures with my DSLR.. I don't know why I never thought of this earlier, but anyway, the pictures look awesome! Although I had a hard time trying to balance the camera with one hand and posing with the nail polish bottle with my other hand.. HAHAHAH I had so much fun adjusting the settings..

Ok bye!

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