Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year's Resolution

Hihi!! Happy new year guys! It's sunday today and it's my home alone day so, after rushing through some of my homework, I decided to blog. So, today I'm going to share my new year's resolution with you guys.

  • Be more humble
  • Be more patient.
  • Be more understanding.
  • Be more open-minded.
  • Do more devotion.
  • Find my identity in Christ.
  • Try not to let my parents pressure me into taking a step that I don't want to take in Christ.
  • Cope with my studies better.
  • Try not to argue with the teacher.
  • Keep nails at a reasonable length.
  • Be a better Christian.

The one that I'm going to strive really hard to fulfill is my first one, BE MORE HUMBLE. I went to church yesterday and I don't know what's wrong with me, but the message I got from the sermon is to be more humble even though the sermon is about overcoming yourself, the environment and obstacles in life.

I think maybe, it's because I finally realize that if I need to overcome, I need to be a better person by being humble? A lot of the times I find myself blaming people when things goes wrong. I don't really think about the fact that I could have reacted differently etc.

So, after the sermon I was kind of day dreaming slash reflection and I finally decided that I need to be more humble, more patient and learn to understand people.

So, anyway, last year, I made a list of resolutions too.

I can proudly say that I have fulfilled most of my resolutions. I passed my NAPFA test, I took care of my rabbit well (Timie died but it's not my fault cause he refused to eat. Tried force feeding, but still didn't work.) I got better results, I improved my IH a lot! I am also now in grade 5 for piano :D

I still didn't manage to cut Caramel's nails though :( she still doesn't want to let me cut. But she trusts me more, that I can proudly say. I didn't find a way to earn money, neither did I open my online shop (although I didn't sell several baby rabbits) since there was no need for me to, I was able to cope with my expenses since I now buy the stuff online and not eat during recess.

I argued with the teacher lesser (probably because Ms Shen is a very nice and patient teacher lol) but I will see if I improved cause this year's teacher isn't that patient anymore. I can say that I'm better in my studies now and also in my cca. (At least Mr Chua knows who I am now) And come on! I'm also being selected as a potential leader! That must mean something!

I pass up my homework on time too. Most of the time, at least. No, I should say that I didn't pass up on time a few times. THAT'S ALL!! It's a big improvement already lor.

But I didn't manage to lose weight, instead, I think I gained weight. Even though my weight is the same, but I looked fatter. Does that makes sense? I don't even know why. I didn't keep my nails at a reasonable length either though. Emily keeps complaining about them -.-

And I didn't keep my room neat and tidy at all times, haha. But I do clean up every 2 months. That's good right? Better than nothing. HAHAHAHAHA. Aiya can already lah. :D

I would say overall, 2012 has been a really good year. I lost many friends, yes, but I guess they were never my good friends in the first place so that's okay. At least now, I know that I no longer have fake friends who I regard as good friends by my side.

I have also reflected a lot more I do see myself changing. I'm really proud of myself for that. My attitude has changed a lot, I am not that loud anymore. I don't think I criticize people that much anymore, I tend to think of people's feelings more now.

I have learnt to be more sensitive, and I have also learnt to move on from my past. I have learn to step out of my comfort zone and I can feel that my self-esteem is higher/better/more (please correct my english. Yes, my english is still as horrible as ever. Whatever)

I have also started doing devotion daily (on school days) thanks to Sophie's encouragement and I feel my relationship with God improving.. I'm really grateful for that. At least I'm no longer that girl who doesn't have God by her side and wishes to go to hell.

This year, my main goal would be to even close to God and to be a better person. I really want to be like Pastor Chris. When I see him, I see God's love. I want to be like him, I want to be more patient, humble and more understanding, just like him. I want people to feel and see God's love when they see me.

Most of all, I want my old friends (probably acquaintances now) to see my drastic change, just I like I have seen it in Pastor Chris.

Anyway, Lord bless you guys. I know that lessons starts tomorrow for most of us so God bless you! Bye!

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