Monday, December 3, 2012


I finally found the motivation to blog.

Oh wait. That sounded weird. Wrong English..? Ah, whatever. It has been a month since school ended and I have not done anything worth talking/blogging about. Lol.

Anyway I just came back from Malaysia yesterday and I bought a lot of stuff. So I'll probably be blogging about the stuff that I bought soon..

Pssst! I bought like 12 tees!!! Yay!! Have I mentioned how much I loooove tees?? I think t-shirts are the only type of clothes that I wear. I mean, except for my undergarments and jeans/denim shorts..

Hahahha. 70% of my wardrobe is occupied by my t-shirts and they are all from the same company.

Actually I don't really like tees. I just wear them because they make me look younger. But even with tees some people still think I'm 17/18 :( I've tried wearing what 14-16 year olds are wearing nowdays and I swear I look 21-23.

I give up!! I wear tees now. And I began to love them cause they're so comfortable!!! :D

Anyway whatever. This is just an update to let you guys know that I'm not dead and I will be blogging about the stuff that I bought from Malaysia soon.

Ok bye.

I need to be super careful with what I blog from now onwards cause I suspect that a certain someone is reading my blog. Ok bye.

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