Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Worst day ever

Today is the worst day ever. Everything just happened all at once.

First, i forgot to bring my earpiece. So no music for me on the way home. It was still okay.

Then, i realized i didn't bring my keys either. So i thought, it's okay, i'll just ask mum to help me open the door when i'm home.

And guess what??? Out of all days, my mom decided to visit her friend that's staying all the way in the east today. And let me tell you, Singapore maybe small, but by mrt, you need about 2 hours to travel from one end to the other! And it's not even peak hour :(

But of course i didn't blame my mother. It was, after all, my fault. I didn't bring my keys. It's all my fault.

So i sat outside my house like a lost puppy, waiting for my mother for 2 hours. I just sat there and was watching some dramas on my iPhone (thank God for my iPhone) then i realized there were blood stains on my skirt.

But no, i was not on my period. Even that would be better cause i was sitting down. But no, my nose was bleeding.

Okay, i guess i sort of expected myself to bleed. Cause my nose has been bleeding frequently the past 2 weeks and i don't even know why.

When i started bleeding, i cupped my nose with my hand. BUT IT NEVER STOPPED BLEEDING! It just kept dripping and dripping.


In a way i'm glad my neighbors decided to keep their doors closed so they won't faint when they see me. There was blood everywhere and it seemed as if i just murdered someone lol.

And that's not the end of it.

My macbook. My poor, precious macbook.

I couldn't log in at all. No, i still can't log in! I don't even know why!!! Now i'm like stuck with windows. Sigh..

Oh, and did i mention that my mousepad went crazy too? I can no longer double click. But something miraculous happened. It worked again! Hahaha!

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